Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gas prices

I can't believe it, gas is now down to $1.96 per gallon here today!
What are some of the prices where you are??
I can fill my car for $20.00 again! If they stay down, I might be able to make a trip to NY this summer. Yeah
Been two years now since I made a trip. A lot has happened in that time, babies born, my uncle passed away to be with Jesus, my Dad has moved.
I have some genealogy research to do up there, really would love to go.
Kendra doesn't want to go, she says there is nothing up there. Where I came from is very rural , 30 miles to any major city. Stores [ what few there are ]close early in the day, so you had better plan ahead. And you had better go somewhere else for gas, the one in town is outragous!
Not any places in town to eat, you have to go to the next town if you are really hungry!
I took one of my grandaughters with me once and she wanted to go to McDonalds for breakfast. I said, you won't find one here baby. I went to the next town and got her pancakes, and she was happy.
There are a lot of things there that is beautiful though. The country side is beautiful, it is dairy country. We milked cows there for many years. Boy, I don't miss that!
But something I do miss is the snow, but only around Christmas time!.
We don't get much here, if any, and then everything shuts down til it is gone. Now Iam getting homesick!



Mema said...

Congratulations!! You are now in a blog world and have become one of us...whatever that is. Way to go nana/ Looks good!
Love ya,