Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3D Snowflake

A Lady at my church made this from computer paper.
Isn't it Beautiful?!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Oh what a beautiful time at church yesterday!

Our Preacher was Joseph and told the story in Joseph's words, It was so neat and funny in spots.

Last night was the Christmas play and it was beautiful, all the music and songs and the little kids as shepards, soldiers and angels.

We have a lady that sings beautifully and she is such a blessing. She sang "Isn't he Beautiful" Oh how wonderful that was!

Afterwards we had a get together and had finger food and fellowship.

I love this time of the year! Sometimes we get caught up in it all and forget the real meaning of Christmas. Things like this help remind us of the real reason for the season.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain, rain

It is raining again! Supposed to rain all day and maybe some afternoon storms. Hope not, I hate storms, living in a mobil home. Sounds like it is really comin down now.

Kendra had Youth meeting last night and it was soooo foggy, you could hardly see the road.

Tomorrow is their Christmas party at the church. The 14th is the children's Christmas play.

The youth are going to have a lock in soon, also.

The 20th is her winter dance, smi formal. Alot going on right now, but I love it! I like being busy.

Sometime today I have to take my sister groc. shopping. She is blind.

Still haven't done any Christmas shopping. Get around to it soon, I guess. We are slimming it down alot this year.

This Sunday my Sunday school Class[ that I teach] is having a Happy Birthday Jesus party! They will be having a snack, we have enough for all the classes in our building. We will also sing happy bitthday to Jesus.

Well, thats about it for now, just wanted to update.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Parade

Today was our Big Christmas Parade in downtown Mocksville.
It was Cold 38 degrees! I parked the car so we could see it from the car if it got to cold.
We had Davie High school marching band and horses, tractors, and cheerleaders floats, football floats, little cars, firetrucks, church floats, Walmart had a float and of course Santa, he was the end of the parade.
Davie High had a real good marching band this year.
The streets were lined with people and kids waiting to grab the candy that was thrown to them.
All in all it was a very nice afternoon. Now Iam ready for some hot coffee and to get warm!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bad, Bad Dogs!

As I went out the door this morning to warm up the car to take Kendra to school,Teddy and Peanut ran out ahead of me. They usualy run around for a minute and then get in the car and we get them back into the house, but did they do that this morning, oh No! They ran across the road under the fence and into the cow pasture, and you know what cows do in the pasture besides eat, right. You got it! It took us 20 minutes to persuade them to come back, and now they need a bath! Bad, Bad Dogs!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Babys

These are our three spoiled rotten pups! From left to right..........
Sassy [ the mom] Peanut [the baby] and Teddy [the papa]
Sassy had 7 pups, her first litter. Thats a lot for the first time.
We had her fixed.
Here we see them all sitting up on kendra's old bunk bed...looking soo cute! Sassy is a shih tzu-bichion frise' and teddy is a shih tzu-terrier, so peanut is a bichion frise' shih tzu terrier! :) How's that for a mouth-full?