Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rain, rain

It is raining again! Supposed to rain all day and maybe some afternoon storms. Hope not, I hate storms, living in a mobil home. Sounds like it is really comin down now.

Kendra had Youth meeting last night and it was soooo foggy, you could hardly see the road.

Tomorrow is their Christmas party at the church. The 14th is the children's Christmas play.

The youth are going to have a lock in soon, also.

The 20th is her winter dance, smi formal. Alot going on right now, but I love it! I like being busy.

Sometime today I have to take my sister groc. shopping. She is blind.

Still haven't done any Christmas shopping. Get around to it soon, I guess. We are slimming it down alot this year.

This Sunday my Sunday school Class[ that I teach] is having a Happy Birthday Jesus party! They will be having a snack, we have enough for all the classes in our building. We will also sing happy bitthday to Jesus.

Well, thats about it for now, just wanted to update.


Mema said...

Hey, it's better 'n snow!! We are supposed to get a good one today and tomorrow might hinder our plans to leave for CT on Saturday.