Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Our Babys

These are our three spoiled rotten pups! From left to right..........
Sassy [ the mom] Peanut [the baby] and Teddy [the papa]
Sassy had 7 pups, her first litter. Thats a lot for the first time.
We had her fixed.
Here we see them all sitting up on kendra's old bunk bed...looking soo cute! Sassy is a shih tzu-bichion frise' and teddy is a shih tzu-terrier, so peanut is a bichion frise' shih tzu terrier! :) How's that for a mouth-full?


Mema said...

So cute. I love a small dog and had a pekinese pomeranian peekapom. It was Stefany's and ended up with me. Muffy was 18 years old and I had to put her away. It was about 5 mo. after I lost my husband. Gosh, I thought I would never get over mourning. Your babys are adorable. Right now we do cats as they can be left easier than a dog and we travel. Someday when we can't, we will.

The family said...

They are soooooooo cute!