Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bad, Bad Dogs!

As I went out the door this morning to warm up the car to take Kendra to school,Teddy and Peanut ran out ahead of me. They usualy run around for a minute and then get in the car and we get them back into the house, but did they do that this morning, oh No! They ran across the road under the fence and into the cow pasture, and you know what cows do in the pasture besides eat, right. You got it! It took us 20 minutes to persuade them to come back, and now they need a bath! Bad, Bad Dogs!


Mema said...

Bet that was fun! Better than a skunk! Our friends next door have a black and white long hair cat. Scot is blind and went out to call Sammy in. Needless to say when an animal came up and rubbed against Scots leg he wasn't sure what to do. He could smell the skunk and I imagine Scots perplexed expression as he bent down and ushered Sammy in the house and yelled MOM!!! Tomato juice was not the cure. Dawn dish detergent did the trick and the cat didn't mind the bath one bit. To hear Scot tell the story is a lot funnier though.